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DACLAF joins the annual reforestation day in Naucalpan

naucalpan reforestation

With the aim of taking action for the well-being of the environment, Daclaf joins the reforestation day of the "Los Remedios" National Park, with the objective of planting endemic species of the region for its optimal development.

Mexico is home to half of the 100 species of pine that exist throughout the world, so its preservation is of vital importance, since it is one of the few species that has the possibility of living in such diverse climates.

 Collaborators from various areas of the company gathered to plant 80 pine trees, equivalent to generating 28,800 liters of oxygen per day.

For Daclaf it is important to carry out this type of action that helps to improve the quality of the air and the environment, since our commitment to well-being is not only personal and that of our clients, it also encompasses the well-being of society and the care and respect for environment.

Daclaf invites us to remember that small actions can generate big changes, the important thing is to take action .

daclaf socially responsible company

naucalpan reforestation